Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of the frequently asked questions by new customers, if you do not find your questions and have any queries please feel free to contact me!!!


1. Who is Praveen Singh?

Praveen Singh is a Freelancer, who is offering his Online Educational Typing Services to various educational institutes. He is trying to achieve a quality education atmosphere for the future. After all 'A child is the father of a nation.'

2. How long are you in this field?

I have experience of 20+ years of serving various educational and non-educational organizations in this field and have successfully accomplished various projects and achieved the goal of 100% Customer Satisfaction and Value for Money.

3. Are you serving Country Specific or Worldwide?

Praveen Singh Services are dedicated to Indian Education System and working hard to create a better future by serving various Startup and well stabilized Institutes.

4. What are the services offered?

We offer a wide range of Online Educational Typing Services. You can simply visit our Services Page and rest assure that you will get all of the answers via the Memory Mapping Technique.

5. Are your typing services rates cheaper than other typing services prices?

Yes, especially for what our customer receives in return! Unlike others, our rates are dependent upon their fair feedback. Of course, a customer cannot demand extremely low typing service rates if they are not deserved!

6. How can you afford such low typing service rates?

It’s not easy! Our production volume is high enough that we are able to offer low rates which keeps our customers happy and ensures a freelancer is able to make a living. Quite the contrary! It's a matter of satisfaction to delivering excellent work at value for money.

7. What will I get in return for my manuscript typing rates?

A manuscript is an enormous document, so manuscript typing rates may be slightly higher than other typing service rates. However, this is in relation to the overall length of the project, not the fact it is a manuscript in itself. If you want an entire manuscript typed quickly, our rates are very affordable and competitive in quality too when compared to all other typing service rates.

8. Can I get a discount rate?

If you are a long-time customer or have a great deal of work you need to be done, we can offer bulk typing services rates and that will offer you a discount.

9. How can I send/submit my files to Praveen Singh?

You can send us a simple e-mail containing all of your files as it is the most trusted and reliable model. Please do not forget to write about your requirements because this will be your official Purchase Order.


10. How much time does it take to complete the work?

Depending upon the volume of the project, I allocate the number of resources to complete the work as soon as possible. To achieve that Praveen Singh is available 24×7.

11. What is the process of my project after being outsourced?

As soon as your email will be received this is my responsibility to complete that as soon as possible. Quick email response for every incoming email is programmed. Please do check that because it will be immediate confirmation for your Purchase Order.

12. What is your Turnaround Time (TAT)?

With help of 20+ years of experience here is the best planning and diligence to serve your Orders 24×7. As per our customers, Praveen Singh is really achieving the target of Value for Money. This will be on an ASAP basis.

13. How will I get the completed work files?

I assure you the quality of the final files is up to your standards and then send the files to you via email with the bill of supply.

14. Do you offer a trial of your services?

As a freelancer is serving you. Yes, there is an offer of a trial run to give you the sample of our high-quality services without any obligation to give any further work assignment but will be paid one. We revise the sample work until you are satisfied with our services.

15. What are your working hours?

Praveen Singh, Online Educational Freelancer is available 24×7.

16. What about Privacy and Security?

Your Privacy and Security is one of my goals. As a freelancer, my future is totally dependent upon. Kindly visit our Privacy Policy page for details.

17. What are the payment options?

After the completion of your project, just visit and use the QR Code OR PayTM Wallet for online Payments - India. Also, you can let me know about any other payment mode you are comfortable with.

18. What is the price structure of your company?

The offer is very cost-effective. You can simply visit our Pricing page. In general, the prices are ranged from ₹ 1.49 to ₹ 44.99 per item.

19. How can I get the quality assurance of your services?

Praveen Singh is known for the best quality services. You can also try the trial run to avail the benefits of our quality services.

20. How can I save on the operational cost by outsourcing services?

Definitely, you save on the operational costs of your business by outsourcing to Praveen Singh, as the non-core activities occupy valuable resources and are time-consuming. If your institute/startup project's cost is not equal to the salary of a full-time post then that is silly wastage of money; you better know that after how much hardship you are earning each Rupee. So, by outsourcing us, you can focus on your core operations and that will make a milestone for your Institution. Let money work for you!!!