Questions in Hindi Language [Manuscript / Reference] received, in  PDF/Image File, from clients will be typed in KrutiDev Font and return in a Word Document File.


The rate displayed on the Website Pricing page is Unit Price. It means each question will be counted individually. Each question may / may not be MCQ with 4 options or Subjective Type. We do not charge for instructions and count them as a part of questions.


Each Diagram, Equation, and Table will be counted separately as a unique item and will be charged accordingly. 


These question/s will be without Typesetting (Formatting) and may/may not be in Printable format. It means clients have to Typeset them in their preferred format before printing.


We recommend our Test Paper Typesetting as an additional Paid Service to our clients. This will be helpful to boost their business.

Example: -

 Question Typing Hindi